Swinburne Boardrider Club

A club for surfers (short boards, long boards and bodyboards) of all skill levels or anyone who wants to learn.
Also open for anyone who just loves the beach in general.


- Be a place to talk about conditions, reports and good breaks
- Make friends with other surfers and beach-goers
- Help out with transport to beaches
- Organise and hold frequent trips, events, surf days/camps and fundraisers
- Run a Learn to Surf days
- Have competitions & surf days with other nearby universities surfing clubs
- Send a team to the Uni Games
- Attend the annual intervarsity Surf Ball
- Provide club merchandise for members
- Most of all to HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE OCEAN

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send us an email @ swinburneboardriders@gmail.com

visit our website @ swinbc.wixsite.com/swinburneboardriders

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