The club provides people the opportunity to train in the Wing Chun and Lung Ying Kung Fu styles. Under guidance from instructors with over 30 years experience, we aim to the promote Kung Fu, fitness, and positive attitudes for all ages.


The Swinburne Kung Fu Club provides a safe environment to learn Kung Fu under qualified instructors from Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools who have been passing on the art for over 40 years.

Focusing on the Wing Chun and Lung Ying Kung Fu styles with some cross training in the Choi Li Fut and Lui He Ba Fa styles. Students will be able to practice and develop an understanding on complementary and opposing styles in a practical application martial arts system.

We welcome people of all ages, genders and skill levels.

Come and take part in our classes today. First three lessons for new members are free.

Training Times:

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