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Get FREE help with your tax return from a Tax Help volunteer

The George Building, level 1, Hawthorn Campus

Did you know you can get FREE Tax Help here at Swinburne!

Swinburne Student Life presents: Financial Fair - A FIAP Event

Swinburne University Hawthorn Campus

All staff and students are invited to participate in our Financial Fair.

Hawthorn Showcase - Cross Angel: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Swinburne Anime Club Swinburne Hawthorn, TC226

Free to club members R 18+ – High impact themes of sexual violence

Hawthorn Showcase - Haikyu!

Swinburne Anime Club Swinburne Hawthorn, TC226

Free to all club members! PG - Mild coarse language

SUPA Study Skills Workshop | Assignment Essentials

Swinburne University Psychology Association SUPA ATC425

Swinburne Univesity Psychology Association (SUPA) Presents: Study Skills Workshop Part One: Assignment Essentials Presented by undergraduate psychology tutors: Oliver Holmes and Imogen Bell Date: Wednesday 24 August 2017 Time : 10:30am-12:30pm Location: ATC425 10:30-11:30am Structured Session Developing a high standard of academic writing for your assignments 11:30am-12:30pm Unstructured session Students can freely ask tutors for help where needed

Swinburne Student Life presents: Leadership Speaker Series - 2

GS 217, Student Lounge, Level 2 George Swinburne Building, Hawthorn Campus

The Leadership & Volunteering team would like to share ideas with Swinburne students through a series of leadership talks in which guest speakers will take them through their personal journeys. Speakers will share how they embrace challenges, overcome obstacles and sometimes fight against society stereotypes.

Screening Sessions Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Swinburne Anime Club Hawthorn Campus, EN213

Free to all club members! M - Sexual references and sexualised imagery

Screening Sessions Little Busters!

Swinburne Anime Club Hawthorn Campus, EN213

Free to all club members! PG - Mild themes, sexual references and coarse language

Screening Sessions Mononoke

Swinburne Anime Club Hawthorn Campus, EN213

Gold Coin Donation MA 15+ – Strong supernatural themes and violence

Swinburne Student Life presents: Mt. Buller Trip

Meet on Burwood Rd, Swinburne Uni, Hawthorn at 4:30am on Saturday 26th August

Enjoy a day at Mt Buller alpine village!

SUCC + HSCCV SandownStorm @ Sandown

Swinburne Uni Car Club (SUCC Motorsports) Sandown Raceway

SUCC Motorsport is teaming up with HSCCV to deliver one of the best quality circuit days this year! Sandown Raceway full track featuring timed and untimed sessions to cater to both those who wish to push their cars to the limits and compete for the best times possible, as well as a come and try session for those who want an introduction to circuit driving! $220 - Timed session including Dorian Hire $205 - Come and try session - No timing (Max 20 Entries) There will be trophies for best in each class. This is to be treated as a competitive event for those who are not come and try entrants! Supp regs TBA Entries will open soon, more info coming this week

RMIT vs Swinburne Varsity Challenge 2017

Swinburne Table Tennis Club Swinburne University of Technology (Multiple Locations for different Sports)

Swinburne will be hosting the inaugural Varsity Challenge in August, hosted by Swinburne University. This will determine which university will prevail as the best sporting university!

Linux Club regular meeting

Swinburne Linux Club BA407

This week, we will focus on introducing club members to each other, and answering people's questions about Linux, BSD and other open source operating systems.

The Uni Sessions | 2017

AOS - Academy of Street Dance 8 Orr Street

FFAMM SQUAD is proud to come together once again! This time, to bring you The Uni Sessions 2017! The annual freestyle dance competition for all of Flare, Funkadelics, AOS, MMJ and MU Break members which will be in a tournament knock out format with 5 judges from the respective clubs (who all shall be named as we get closer to the day).

Celebrate Your Heritage Day at Hawthorn campus!

Hawthorn Campus

Celebrate Your Heritage Day at Hawthorn campus!

Celebrate Your Heritage Day at Wantirna campus!

Wantirna campus!

Great opportunity to share your culture with other students through performances and workshops. Get involved!

Celebrate Your Heritage Day at Croydon campus!

Croydon campus

Celebrate Your Heritage Day at Croydon campus!

R U OK?Day

Hawthorn Campus Croydon Campus Wantirna campus

R U OK?Day is the biggest, best and brightest day of the year.

Sleep in the East

Wantirna campus

Sleep in the East

VITA Carnevale Ball

Swinburne Italian Club San Remo Ballroom

Come one come all to this night of bliss, just be careful in who you choose to plant a kiss. As every man and lady and every lady shall be wearing a mask, your choice of suitor is made no simple task.

Youth Humanitarian Festival

Hawthorn Campus

YHF is run by students and it is designed to engage, empower and inspire people to make positive social change.