Deposit: Southern University Games Uniform

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This is a deposit to be paid by all Southern University Games participants who are competing in Geelong in July. Playing Uniform includes a playing top and shorts or long track suit pants (lawn bowls). This deposit will be refunded upon the return of the washed uniform to SSAA reception

  • $50.00


The payment is essential to secure your competition uniform for SUG's
  • This payment must be made before the 28th of June in order to recieve your uniform, please ensure you do this!
  • You will recieve a refund of this payment once you return your washed uniform to SSAA reception. Please also print out your invoice once you have made payment and remember to bring it with you when you return your uniform
  • You must return your washed uniform by the 4th of August in order to recieve your refund
  • Refunds should take no more than 14 days to process once uniform is returned
  • If you also pay for a friend/team mates deposit, you will be responsible for returning the uniform in order to recieve the refund
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