Behind the Game

Behind The Game is a club for students interested in game development!


Behind The Game

Behind the Game is a club and network for Swinburne students interested in game development.
This club intends to provide a safe, friendly environment for students to network, playtest, discuss and occasionally play both digital and non-digital games!
We encourage everyone of all skills and talents to join our club, be it Programming, Art, Design, Writing, Production or Sound/Music Design.
Don't be deterred if you've never worked on a game before or aren't studying games. This club is for everyone interested in being a part of creating games!

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Q: “I love games! Will your club be about playing them?”
A: While we will be playing and analyzing games in our club, it is not the sole focus of our meetups and events. If you love playing games, and want to join a club for that sole reason, we suggest to join the other game-playing centered clubs at Swinburne.

Q: "I'm not studying Game Development, Can I still join the club?”
A: Of Course! Behind the Game is open to all students of Swinburne, whether you are studying Games and Interactivity, Computer Science, Media and Comms or even Business and Law.

Q: "Is this club free to join?"
A: Yes, this club is and always will be free to be a part of. It is important to the committee that the club is accessible in this way.

Q: “I’m really nervous about coming along to the club. I’ve always wondered about game development but I’m not sure if it’s for me or not, and I’m worried about participating in meetings and events. Should I still join?”
A: Of course! There’s no pressure to be committed to the club, and we’d be happy for you to come along to a few club-run activities to see if you’d be comfortable participating.

Q: "Is your club just about design for digital games?"
A: Nope! While we do run quite a lot of digital games-based discussion and events, we are a game design club that also looks at design principles that apply to board, ARG. card and other types of games.