Civil Engineering Society

CES (Civil Engineering Society) is a proud student organization dedicated to benefit Civil Engineering students at Swinburne University.


As a society, we pride ourselves in creating a strong cohort of engineering students, staff, academics and industry professionals to assist students to connect and collaborate. We aim to achieve this goal through networking, skill improvement classes, social events, study groups, career nights and resume advice.

We provide opportunities for our members to meet real engineers and representatives from the Civil Engineering industry to broaden their career options and help decide on a career path.

CES is aimed towards Civil Engineering students however, we welcome anyone interested in this field. Join us on the Facebook page to be up-to-date with events and keep an eye out for posters around campus and announcements in lectures.


Swinburne University

CES presents to its members the opportunity to hone and learn their Revit architecture skills as well as learn to use LumenRT, brought to us by Bentley Systems, to bring their models to life.

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