Revit and LumenRT Classes

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Swinburne University

CES presents to its members the opportunity to hone and learn their Revit architecture skills as well as learn to use LumenRT, brought to us by Bentley Systems, to bring their models to life.

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The Revit and LumenRT classes will be a 4-week crash course, 2 days a week, in the holidays after exams from 26th November to 21st December on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting from 2 pm.
These classes give members the opportunity to hone their skills with Revit, or to learn Revit architecture in order to be able to perform tasks up to an intermediate level.
CES is proud to announce that this program is certified and sponsored by Bentley Systems who will be supplying all students with a 4-week license for LumenRT, free of charge, as well as providing all students who complete the course with a certificate, and a prize given to the student with the best final assignment.

The outline will involve an initial crash course to hold students' hands by constructing a house on Revit together, once all lessons have been taught, students will then be given a design assignment where they will build a pre-existing house into Revit by themselves, following the lessons taught, and then bringing these to life in LumenRT. All classes will have a teacher at the front and 1-2 other teachers who will float around and assist students who feel they have fallen behind.