Engineers Without Borders: Swinburne

Engineers Without Borders promote, educate and inspire Swinburne University students to apply Appropriate Technology and Human Centred Design concepts in the real world through active volunteering.


EWB Swinburne is a local chapter of EWB Australia.

EWB Australia is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create change through humanitarian engineering. Through connecting, educating and empowering people, EWB Australia works to alleviate social and environmental issues in local and overseas communities.

The Swinburne chapter of EWB provides students with social events to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. It also provides students with hands-on volunteering experience such as repairing bikes for children in disadvantaged communities and educating the youth about sustainable and appropriate engineering through the School Outreach program.

If you are interested in meeting like-minded individuals, taking part in meaningful volunteering experiences and developing a more culturally appropriate mindset to compliment your career aspirations, visit our website for details of upcoming information sessions.