Swinburne Fried Chicken Appreciation Society

Nutrition is important, we get told that from an early age. It is important to be healthy to maintain the lifestyle that we at Swinburne are so used to: the lifestyle of fried chicken


From the dawn of time, there have been sacred and spiritual rites of passage. From 18 it is going for your license. Well here at Swinburne as students our rites of passage are enjoying a nice succulent meal of fried chicken. This club caters for that spiritual need, from everything to fried chicken memes to KFC trivia dedicated to our lord and savior colonel sander we have it all.

Together as a club we will bond over our love for all things fried… especially chicken. From sharing recipes and cooking videos online we will share our love of fried foods to the Swinburne community. Creating recipes and culinary masterpieces we will show our masters in cooking and create a (virtual) feast for all to enjoy