Swinburne Bangladeshi Association

The Bangladeshi association at Swinburne aims to facilitate and create a social network for the Bangladeshi community and extends its arms to the other cultural communities.


Most students feel encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that reflect their existing interests and values, which are considered as critical part of their identity. The club will help by providing a platform for the Bangladeshi community for cultural engagement. This will provide with an opportunity for the community to get to know other community members at Swinburne. It will introduce the broader Swinburne community of the rich culture and traditions of Bangladesh through various cultural events. The SBA is dedicated to spreading awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Bangladeshi culture, its people, diversity, and values. In addition to this, it looks forward to organise humanitarian and social projects such
as fundraisers, cultural shows, sporting events, dinners, and development programs.