Swinburne Engineering Student's Society

This club aims to unite engineering students across all majors to connect and network with their peers and with the industry and support engineering students and graduates to find the relevant tools to boost their career and make their degree stand out.


The purpose of the Swinburne Engineering Student's Society is to gather and unite engineering students in all majors to connect and network with each other and the industry. The club will engage with other societies to maximise resources and opportunities available to students and graduates in order to achieve the maximum potential of each member. The club will also aim to have the support of organisations including Engineers Australia, Young Engineers Australia - Victorian Division, and Frontier, to demonstrate potential tools available.


Collaborate Ultra

An introduction into how Swinburne students are able to benefit from experiences gained through membership in the Swinburne Engineering Student Society (SESS) and how SESS and Engineers Australia (EA) are able to add value to their overall Uni experience.

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