Swinburne Media and Communications Club

SUMACC is an academic and social club which unites students and academics with an interest in Media and Comms. We focus on expanding the professional skills of our members, as well as providing a range of socialization and networking opportunities


With so many vastly different studies encompassed in the Media and Comms degree, we strive to bring together individuals from all the different areas to collaborate and network together. We organise a range of events throughout the year such as social nights, panels with industry speakers, group trips to conventions/expos and skill building workshops. In addition to our range of exciting events, we also regularly hold meetings in which our members can meet to discuss current media events in a relaxed environment, as well as provide opportunities for first year Media and Comms students to seek mentoring from older members.

Not a media and comms student but just love what we love and want to get involved? Anyone with a passion for media is welcome and we offer a range of opportunities for everyone.