Swinburne Buddhist Association

Swinburne Buddhist Association's primary objective is to support the Students to have a well-balanced life by Understanding & practicing the Teachings of Buddha. We welcome All Buddhists & non-Buddhists students, interested in the teachings of Buddhism.


Mission & Vision
Reach out to the fellow Buddhists from around the world to stand together and portray the teachings of Lord Buddha through our actions. To share our mutual understanding, foster goodwill and friendship.
we also welcome non-Buddhists who are interested in the teachings of Lord Buddha.
Our Aims,
The Swinburne Buddhist association is a collective effort of all the Buddhists and non-Buddhists to promote and encourage Buddhism to strengthen each other in the ways of Lord Buddha.
- organise Blessing Ceremonies ; We hope that these Blessing ceremonies & meditation practices will help our fellows Students to cope up the with the stress of exams and help them overcome their challenges confidently.
- organise Stalls providing free food to respectably Commemorate the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Death of Buddha.
We hope these Objectives will help specially Students to live a well-balanced life by having a good Mental Health & will help them in understanding and practising the basic teachings of lord Buddha.