Swinburne Kpop Club

This club intends to bring together all the like-minded kpop fans!


Kpop has been leading the music industry and reinventing performance, visuals, fandom culture, record-breaking and so much more. It is not a surprise that its reach and influence is global, Australia being no exception.

Melbourne in particular has had an influx of kpop fans and the community is rapidly growing. Our peers gaining millions of views in kpop reactions and highly produced dance covers have been a crowning achievement. Other well-recognized Universities in Melbourne and Australia at large have begun the initiative to strengthen their own kpop commuinities and become creative.

Similarly, with the Swinburne kpop club, we wish to socialize, create, and enjoy, regardless of age, gender or background, the depth of the multifaceted, multilayered franchise that is kpop.

Join us for a multitude of activities such as learning kpop choreography, talking and introducing your favourite groups and artists, playing kpop related games, reacting to content, discussing the industry, creating our own content, study sessions, and more. Lets show what an immense force kpop is, and have a great time!
at Swinburne university!