"To read and to write is to love: to love is to live"
-Faraz Haider


La Literati is a place for all those humans who possess in them a love of literature, whether that is in the form of reading or writing. As our founder wrote, "To read and to write is to love: to love is to live". As the day to day tasks of Uni become mundane, tedious and downright torturous, La Literati will provide a place to unwind in the ink that has made its mark on paper and history.
The love of literature in La Literati is purely for recreational purposes and in no way for university related academia. The literati will always be encouraged to share what they have written as well, whether that is poetry, a short story, a novel and the list goes on.
La Literati is a Latin word and is defined as, persons interested in literature and the arts.