SBC - Swinburne Boardriders Club

Swinburne's club for all things surfing! For surfers of all skill levels, and/or anyone who shares our love of the beach 🤙


- Provide a platform to talk about surf conditions, reports and waves.
- Allow members to meet with other surfers and beach-goers.
- Organise and hold frequent camps, in a variety of locations mostly throughout Victoria.
- Provide a platform for competitive teams to form for nationals and/or any other eligible event or competition.
- Hold and/or attend surf themed or related social events.
- Provide club merchandise and discounted surf equipment for members.
- Help make surfing more affordable and accessible for students in Melbourne.
- Secondary activities include but is not limited to; swimming, general beach activities, fishing, bodyboarding, skateboarding.
- Most of all, HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE OCEAN

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