3SSR is Swinburne's one and only Student Media Club. From hosting your own Radio show, presenting or producing a TV show or contributing articles to be published, 3SSR is your one stop for making your resumé look amazing. For students, by students.


UPDATE - 3SSR has formed a new partnership with SwinGamers and has become one gigantic media family, if you're a past member of SwinGamers or a new student who loves all things gaming, 3SSR and SwinGamers have united and now your membership carries over to both clubs as we are now one and the same.

For more info, head to our Facebook group, 3SSR/SwinGamers Member Help & Discussion

3SSR is Swinburne's one and only Student Media Club, providing real experience for students, by students.

Some of the roles you can take on with us include (but are not limited to):

  • Radio Host - Host your own show on our Radio Station, with slots of 1 - 2 hours available, sign up quick, spots disappear fast
  • Radio Producer - Fancy yourself a content leader? Produce your own radio show or one of mainstays like 3SSR Breakfast or 3SSR First Play, no experience required!
  • TV Host - 3SSR is proud to be jumping headfirst into the digital age this year, want to host your own segment for our YouTube channel and our C31 show? Sign up fast
  • TV Producer - Want to help run the varied segments for TV? Have some kickass content ideas? We want you and as the saying goes, you can never have enough producers
  • TV Crew - Want to learn how to crew a TV show in-studio and on location? Want to be a camera operator? Or a Director? Or even an Editor? Sign up and see the weird and wonderful locations a career in TV could take you
  • Journalist/Correspondent - Fancy yourself a reporter? Or just like to write about issues you're passionate about? We can offer you unlimited publishing on our website and we work closely with the Swinburne Student Union's fantastic print mag, the Swine. Talk to us about how you can get your work online and in print today.

Want to just help out? We're always looking for more volunteers and sub-committee members to help us make sure we provide the best possible experience for all students involved so ask us how you can help out any time.

Contact us at admin@3ssr.org if you have any questions or find us on Facebook at the group 3SSR Member Help & Discussion