SwinAnime x STARS

Swinburne Anime Club (SwinAnime) and Swinburne Tabletop and Roleplaying Society (STARS) join forces to bring you a bigger and better club!


SwinAnime x STARS is the amalgamation of the Swinburne Anime Club and the Swinburne Tabletop and Roleplaying Society.

Together we stand to proliferate the sub-cultures of Animation, Manga, Tabletop Games, Video Games, Roleplaying and Cosplay stemming from worldwide influences.

Together we introduce our members to those associated aspects of the industry offering both an insight to what the industry is doing as well as how the industry produces its wares.



Due to an unforeseen personal issue our secretary has had to step down as such we are officially calling a Special General Meeting of SwinAnime X S.T.A.R.S.

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