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This week, we will be running an interactive demonstration of how to install Arch Linux.

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A regular (every odd-numbered week) meet-up for users of Linux, and those interested in Linux, to:

  • Discuss new innovations in Linux and related software
  • Learn new Linux-related skills
  • Assist each other with technical issues

This week, we will be running an interactive demonstration on installing Arch Linux, in which we will invite members of the audience to come up and perform a step of the installation process. Members of the audience can also follow along with the installation process on their own laptops.

In case you have never heard of Arch Linux, it is a Linux distribution famous for being difficult to install, but highly customisable. It lacks an installation wizard, instead providing an installation manual, with instructions on how to e.g. manually partition your hard drive. Even if you have no intention of ever using Arch Linux, watching its installation process is a good way of learning about how Linux distributions work, and even operating systems in general.

Basic Linux command line knowledge (such as what was covered in our "Linux command line and security workshop") would be helpful. Beyond that, no additional experience with Linux distributions should be necessary to take part in this workshop.