Swinburne Student Life presents: Swinburne Talks

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Hawthorn Campus (Atrium)

Like TED Talks, but better. Swinburne, staff, students, and alumni talk about interesting stuff. Bring a picnic and have a great time!

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What is Swinburne Talks? Swinburne Talks is a showcase for the Swinburne community to present great ideas that could cover a range of topics in under 20 minutes.

Like TED Talks, but better. Swinburne, staff, students, and alumni talk about interesting stuff.

The event provides an opportunity for students and staff to gain an insight on exciting ideas and stories told by inspiring and influential people.

The following speakers will be speaking on:

  • Nathan Loutit, “Those who have been bold enough to ask ‘why’ and then pursue the alternative”
    An ambitious, energetic and driven individual, using industrial design in conjunction with a passion for business to deliver creative and unique products and experiences.
    Nathan Loutit studied Industrial Design at Swinburne University of Technology. During his final year Nathan started his first business which he went on to run for 8 years. During that time he worked on countless projects delivering leading edge product design solutions linked closely to the Melbourne manufacturing sector. Whilst operating his business, Nathan was asked to join the Centre for Design Innovation to build an R&D team, focusing on bridging the gap between the University and the private sector. Nathan is now the Project Manager and Senior Industrial Designer for the Centre of Design Innovation.

  • Leon Sterling “Emotional intelligence on technology”
    Professor Leon Sterling
    Leon Sterling received a BSc(Hons) from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the Australian National University. He has worked at universities in the UK, Israel, the US, and Australia. His teaching and research specialties are software engineering, artificial intelligence, and logic programming. Leon was employed at the University of Melbourne for 15 years in a range of roles, including Professor of Software Innovation and Engineering and Director of e-Research. He served at Swinburne University of Technology as Dean of Information and Communication Technologies from 2010-2013 and as Vice Chancellor (Digital Frontiers) from 2014-2015. He has served as President of the Australian Council of Deans of ICT. He is a technical advisor to several startup companies.

  • Michelle Noon “Chalk Circle-themed around gender”
    Swinburne PhD candidate Michelle Noon co-founded Chalk Circle, a gender literacy foundation, and runs her own consultancy business. Despite having a lot on her plate, each project is linked by a common theme – gender.

  • Project Altitude “Student-led youth organisation”
    Project Altitude is a youth-run organisation that aims to educate and equip students with proven methods of maintaining mental wellness. Presenting academically proven techniques to increase the overall wellness of students all around Australia.
    Our goal is to help students thrive. In managing schooling, work and extra-curricular activities we know sometimes time can get a little tight, so we provide workshops that deliver comprehensive tips that can be implemented anywhere at anytime. We recognise there is a large gap in time and knowledge between graduating high school and becoming a qualified phycologist, so we’ve decided to provide you with the best of both worlds.

The sessions are presented by energetic young facilitators who have a passion for mental wellness, yet overseen by a qualified health professional to ensure no questions go unanswered or rocks unturned. The result? An engaging and energetic session that delivers critical content on managing mental health and ways to thrive in all areas of life.

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