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Hawthorn Campus

Razor presents the Swinburne Student Life Awards

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the 2017 Swinburne Student Life Awards!

The Swinburne Student Life Awards recognise the outstanding contributions students bring to the Swinburne community.

This year's winners are:

Club Awards

Nominated clubs this year include:
Swinburne Christian Union
Swinburne Italian Club
Swinburne Japanese Club
Swinburne University Lacrosse Club
Swinburne Law Students Society
Swinburne Tinkerer’s Guild
Swinburne Table Tennis Club
Swinburne University
Psychology Association
Swinburne Aviation Society
Soundfreqs @
Badminton Club

Club Collaboration Award
Swinburne Tinkerers Guild

Club Initiative Award
Swinburne Italian Club

Club of the Year
Swinburne Tinkerers Guild

New Club of the Year
Swinburne Badminton Club

Honourable mention
The Swinburne Law Students Society
Psychology Club
Aviation Society

Sport Award
Team Manager of the Year
Ebony Prescott

Team of the Year
Swinburne University’s Lacrosse team.

Honourable mention
Swinburne Men’s Basketball team

Volunteering Award

Volunteer of the Year
Daniel Ngui
Julie Kheng
Martelle Ford
Sabastian Aurisano
Sanjay Hedge

Leadership Awards

Leader of the Year
Daniel Zoccali
Minura Gamage
Nicole de Man
Nimalan Alfred
Pariskevas Konstadinu

Full list of Outstanding Volunteering Award Recipients:

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