Crash Course to Leadership at Swinburne in 2021

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So there's a LOT you can do at University, and it's pretty hard to stay on top of it all. Lucky for you, this presentation is aimed at making sure you know what you can do, why you'd bother doing it at all and how to get started. Leadership is an umbrella term where there's things to learn, ways to grow, community groups, paid programs and experiences that not even grad programs will provide. With an emphasis on 'who is this opportunity right for?' and 'is this a good idea for me?' this crash course is about making sure you know what you should get involved in.

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Come along if you are someone who:
- Doesn't know what on Earth 'leadership' is
- Wants to get ahead while studying
- Wants to be in a good spot to succeed in your work after your degree
- Be responsible for driving changes and improvements at the University
- Is curious, but unsure, where you could fit in at Swinburne
- Wants to ask any and all questions

Open to ALL Swinburne Students, this is a free 45 minute session that aims to give you the knowledge to:

  • Know what's going on at Swinburne
  • Choose the best opportunities for you
  • Meet students who are also exploring leadership
  • Learn how to stay connected and on top of what's coming up
  • Develop a killer CV while studying

Make sure you sign up to attend.
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