Selling Your Club Leadership Skills Webinar

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Are you wanting to learn how you can use your experience and skill set from your time as club committee member?

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In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Identify the key graduate attributes (skills) that employers are looking for
  • Reflect on your time as a club leader to identify S.T.A.R. examples of skills
  • Communicate these skills effectively using the 55:38:7 rule of communication
  • Create Achievement Formulas to convey achievements on resumes/LinkedIn

You will feel more confident, competent and committed to reflecting on your experiences as a club leader
and communicating them in an effective manner that highlights your skills to future employers.

Attendees will walk away with:
· Supporting slide deck from the workshop
· Recommended TED talks relating to interviewing and public speaking
· Recommended books for leaders

This workshop will be run by Josh Farr - a former university student club President & Founder of Campus Consultancy

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Please note this training is available for club committee members

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Did you know?
As an added bonus to hearing from specialist guest speakers,
you'll also receive a $5 Ubereats e-voucher for each webinar you attend!