LEAD Talk: Jack Railton-Woodcock

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Jack has a job that, on the surface, doesn’t seem like it involves much leadership: he makes advertisements. However, what Jack does that many people don’t do is that he works with clients to try and deliver more ethical and socially engaged content.

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In a job that’s the intersection of commerce and creativity, many assume there’s little negotiation and leadership to be had, but Jack demonstrates that anyone who cares about something can lead others.

With close to a decade's experience in the Industry, and a variety of past lives including college Basketball player and an Account Manager, we’ll talk with Jack about:

  • What he was like at University, and what being involved with sport taught him
  • Why advertising excites him and how it can be a platform for social good
  • How he leads clients to better decisions and when this works and when it doesn’t
  • How his mindset and caring about the world informs his work and his side projects
  • What he wishes more clients would do
  • Moving away from a job that you’re demotivated by to something that’s a step up and a challenge

As always there'll be plenty of time allocated for students to ask questions during the "Ask Me Anything" portion of the interview, so please do bring questions to ask.

When: Wednesday, 15th of April, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Where: Online, https://swinburne.zoom.us/j/748292169

Sign up here: https://unione.swin.edu.au/Forms/535

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