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Collaborate Ultra

Community and mentors matter, but networking can feel like a slimy and awkward thing to do, trying really hard to get noticed, working out what to say, trying to work out if the person you're talking to can actually help you. When it comes down to it, who wants to treat every interaction as a transaction? That feels so wrong. While not being a magic charm, networking can help anyone develop better knowledge of their options, industry trends, advanced notice about opportunities and provide clear advantages in competitive landscapes. So it's something that can definitely be worth doing. So, join us in this workshop to learn how to network in a way that feels better and works more effectively.

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You'll hear from Matt Dunne, Leadership & Volunteering Officer, (introvert) and you should come along if:

  • You hate the idea of networking, but like the idea of getting good information from industry
  • You have no clue how to network
  • You've tried to build a network, but felt super self-conscious and uncomfortable about it
  • You'd like to get some good tips before you start

Students who attend will learn:

  • How to make sure they are networking purposefully
  • How to find the right people to talk to
  • Ways to initiate conversations and meetings to expand the network
  • What networking can and can't do for you

Join us to learn how to network more effectively and more authentically.

Where: Collaborate Ultra
When: 30th of March 4.30-6.00PM

Register to attend here.

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