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Collaborate Ultra

For a lot of University students group work is a dreaded experience. With ghosts and flakes, stubborn non-compromisers and ideas that never get off the ground, students often share worries and stories of teams that just don't seem to function. But! It doesn't have to be (and SHOULDN'T be) that painful, awkward and unproductive. With some simple and easy-to-implement tips team work can become A LOT better.

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Join Matt Dunne, Leadership & Volunteering Officer, to learn about proactively approaching teams, co-creating expectations and avoiding common problems to make your experience working within teams much more productive and much more harmonious.

You should attend if:
- Team work makes your eyes rolls, your stomach sink or your anxiety flare up
- You'd like to get more stuff done when you work with other people
- You've had unpleasant experiences before and want to talk about what to do in similar situations

Whether you've got a group assignment on the horizon, a student group you're working as part of, or a team environment at your work place, you'll learn:
- Practical 'how to' steps to initiate better group dynamics
- Easy ways to find common ground and shared aims
- Simple fixes to persistent problems

Questions and discussion are always welcome, and Matt's here to help you work through whatever problems you've got, might have or have had.

Come along to this workshop so that team work can become A LOT better for you.

Where: Collaborate Ultra
When: 24th of March, 3.00-4.30PM

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