Runtober Expression of Interest 2019

Thanks for your interest in Runtober, the month long running event encouraging Swinburne participants of all locations and abilities to get active, make new connections and have fun!
By joining the Swinburne Runtober group on Strava you will be able to record and share your activity, as well as track your own personal progress and encourage other members to reach new goals. Prizes will also be awarded throughout the event and we will be able to track how far our group can run as a collective!

So, how far can Swinburne run? Join Razor today and get running in just 4 easy steps:
1. Complete the following form and read the Terms and Conditions
2. Download the Strava app on your phone (When making an account, use a different username and password than the one you use for Swinburne)
3. Join the 'Runtober with Student Life' club
4. Start moving, sharing and having fun! (Adjust your phone GPS and location settings for best results)

  1. Engaging in physical activity as a part of Runtober carries inherent risk including bodily harm, serious injury or property damage, and that Swinburne Student Life is not liable if these should occur
  2. Recording and sharing activity is the choice of the individual and should be undertaken at your own risk
  3. Swinburne Student Life is not responsible for the content you post using the Strava app or the data collected and stored there
  4. Participants are expected to adhere to Swinburne values and must behave appropriately and respectfully when engaging with others on the platform
  5. Strava uses GPS to map your route and record your activity, it is up to the participant to edit privacy settings in app or wether they choose to share content
If you have any questions please email the Sports team through