Training Videos
A number of videos are available to teach you how to perform various tasks in UniOne.

Student Training Seminar
Create a Membership Group
Create a Membership Fee Product


Below are links to the various forms usable by clubs. Using these will require you to be logged in to UniOne.

New Club Registration Form
Funds Request Form
On-Campus Event Notification Form
Off-Campus Event Notification Form
Timetabling Space Booking Request
Off-Campus Event Risk Assessment Form
Event Space Risk Assessment Form

Grant Application Form
Club Committee Appeal Form
Club Member Appeal Form
Club Member Complaint Form
Sponsorship Application Form

Club Treasury Records Form
Asset Register Update Form
Leadership & Volunteering Log Sheet
General Meeting Minutes Form
Club Re-Registration Form


Swinburne Student Life has implemented a new set of Club Policies. If you want the full lowdown on everything clubs & sport, check out the relevant policy.

Club Registration Policy
Club Governance & Management Policy
Club Membership Policy
Club Events Policy
Club Sponsorship Policy
Club Discipline & Dispute Resolution Policy